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We incorporate herbal medicine, healing, nutrition, and explore thought processes and lifestyle changes to foster true holistic healing for each individual. Each consultation is geared towards empowering clients on their journey toward health, self care and inner healing.


As each person and situation is unique, individual consultations are available to discuss overall health concerns, well being, life path and herbal and lifestyle options that can support a person's wellbeing and good health.  We aim to empower you with guidance to use your own ability to heal yourself by listening to your body and trusting your heart.  Together we can work towards greater health by releasing past patterns and enhancing your skills for an overall more fulfilling life.  As we are not physicians we do not diagnose nor prescribe. As an educator and clinical herbalist, together we will discuss options for what you can choose to do to benefit your own situation incorporating herbal support and energetic processes to strengthen your own inner wisdom and health.


Holistic Healing uses a range of skills to enable a greater understanding of what your body is telling you.  Holistic Kinesiology is a powerful natural therapy that combines kinesiology muscle biofeedback with areas of complementary medicine including acupressure, meridian channels, primitive reflexes, energetic medicine, chakra, aura, color, light and sound techniques as well as counseling, nutrition and diet. Together these provide a powerful set of tools for engaging clients to make powerful positive shifts in their lives while building internal healing energies.


Before your first session you will receive a Client health questionnaire to focus our time together.  The first session is usually one and a half hours while subsequent sessions are one hour in length.


Please inquire about fees for individual consultations, sliding scale fees are available. 



"Anna's coaching & solutions, not only resolved the root cause of the symptoms, Anna, exposed myths & has aquainted me with natures offerings to heal & transform as a realistic lifestyle, from a perspective imbued by a highly talented & educated practitioner. Thank you Anna"

Barrie Robertson


"Anna is an exceptionally talented and knowledgeable healer. She practices in a way that is caring, subtle and extraordinarily kind.  Anna’s intuitive talent for healing has helped me with many psychological and physical challenges in my life.


Two of the significant issues that Anna has guided resolution for are; that I can now board an airplane without crippling fear and Anna’s herbal remedies and dietary advice have assisted in lowering my blood pressure to an acceptable level, keeping me off pharmaceutical medication.


I am so incredibly grateful to Anna for her care and knowledgeable holistic approach and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Brigette Cameron

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