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Plant Walks

Herbal Medicine Making

As a teacher my goals are to inspire empowered knowledge that each person can use towards their own self care and wellness.  As well as scheduled classes, classes and workshops can also be customized and designed to suit your group and are available for both adults and children.


These classes are to inspire and teach you to make your own medicine, you will learn the properties of various plants and how to gather and prepare the plants for different forms of medicines.  You will get hands on experience of making different herbal medicines such as infusions, tinctures also known as extracts, apple cider vinegars, syrups, elixirs, oils and balms also known as salves, steams and more.


Workshops are available in how to make herbal medicine and also on focused topics such as: natural antibiotics, respiratory health, heart health, aphrodisiacs, nervous system, women's health and more.

This is a great opportunity to meet the medicinal plants themselves!  We will walk in parks and or woods, identifying and discussing the healing properties of the plants we see.  We will discuss plants as allies in our life and sustainable gathering as well as where best to gather them, especially in urban environments.  It is a way to familiarize yourself, get reconnected with nature and give you confidence with identifying some healing plants that are common in the area.  It can be a wonderfully magical experience gathering plant medicine straight from Mother Earth herself.



Please inquire about fees for your class or workshop requirements.

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